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shout out to people who have seen you naked but you can still have regular conversations with

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May the hand of peace be big enough to touch us all. william chapman (via williamchapmanwritings)

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Anonymous asked: Oh no, if I were to get a degree it wouldn't be for money or girls. All I was wondering was if you or women go for guys with college degrees. I want a law enforcement career but they don't require a fancy degree and I will get a good job but with no degree. I was wondering if women will go for men with degrees and look down at guys with no college degree/education.

Yeah no problem im glad i could help :) and it seems like you pretty much got the message! As long as youre doing what you want to do dont worry about what anyone else thinks everyones path in life is different ! and oh yeah see law enforcement you definitely dont have to worry about a degree and its still a career that is as respectable and requires as much hard work as anything else! 

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Anonymous asked: Honestly, would you ever date a guy without a college degree? But let's say he has a good job and a good personality? Does a degree really count to you? Can you please answer this and give me advice? Thanks

A degree isnt something you should get because you want girls to date you or you want lots of money. Personally, I am someone who always saw the value in a degree not just because of the opportunities that it would open up for my future but because i think it says alot about someones character and builds a persons character like the point of school in general is to become educated to better yourself in that way but there are alot of ways to better yourself aside from education as well. But as for dating wise a guy doesnt have to have a college degree but he does have to be doing well for himself if were gonna be serious and he definatelly has to have a good personality.

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Anonymous asked: quick questions: Remember when I asked about the community college question, if I would be "dumb" if I went, etc... well when you answered it, did you answer it honestly? (just wondering), Secondly, Do you think I or anyone that only goes to a community college and only has an associates degree can be successful? thanks.

of course i answered honestly, i wouldnt take the time to answer something if i wasnt going to be honest :) And of course you can be successful! There are many different ways to reach success and everyones idea of what success is is different. As for the most general definition you dont need a degree to be successful you just need to be willing to work hard and take opportunities ! :D 

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